Being Aware Joyfully

Master Classes for Spiritual Development

Life is what happens while youíre busy making other plans – John Lennon

Spiritual development occurs in present time experience of Being Aware Joyfully (sat-cit-ananda).

Enjoying life is our true estate. As Buddhism teaches, Enlightenment is the natural state of the mind. In the Bible the first ancestors were created in a realm of oneness with God and joy in all things.

Weíre surrounded by the reality of the spiritual realm. Itís the energy that creates the universe and powers our body, breath and thought. We just donít usually recognise the spiritual dimension of human experience. We look directly at the divine without seeing it in ourselves and everything else.

Spiritually, we already have and are all we can ever want and be. But our attention is distracted by temporary material things. We donít notice the true unchanging nature of everything that changes.

Who we are, where we are and whatís really happening are always present in the periphery of our attention. We catch glimpses of spiritual reality at the edge of our vision and in the back of our mind.

Master classes in spiritual development centre on the mindís innate activity. Through the course of the classes we think about things in the world, we reflect on thoughts in our mind and we seek the single source of objects and ideas in realisation of the undivided oneness and joy of everything.