Being Aware Joyfully

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Welcome to the world of Platonic Zen, where gravity and light merge in the wisdom of the West and the insight of the East.

The highest aim of religion is to connect the world to God by turning the mind to think of spiritual things. If you favour the transcendent unity of religions and seek the mystical convergence of All into One, then you've hit on the right place. Well done!

Here is where thoughtful people can advance on the journey to realisation in this life and happiness in the next life.

This is Granity School of Spiritual Studies for teaching and learning the perennial philosophy of religion. That universal and timeless wisdom describes a thoughtful way to Enlightenment, from the fields of Self-knowledge to the summit of God-realisation.

Here, there are lots of ideas for enjoying life, knowing oneself and finding the "God-thing", which is the Source of the unchanging nature of everything that changes.

We're only in human form for a brief time, fifty or a hundred years if we're lucky. For that time, our temporary physical body is a materialisation of the eternal mind of the universe. We have the opportunity to discover the One whose mind is manifest in the universe, the One commonly called

If you seek to know yourself and find the ultimate reality of the "God-thing", then click on the links at the left. There you access helpful ideas to think about for gaining natural wisdom, peace of mind and joy in life.

These Platonic Zen writings are my version of the universal gnosis often called Perennial Philosophy. The words are full of good ideas to think about, even if I do say so myself.

If you're interested in classes or counselling, you can e-mail:

Or leave a comment, below.

Anyway, "Know Yourself. Remember God."

Best wishes for your journey.

(Dr) Nicholas Coleman
Master-Director, Granity School of Spiritual Studies
Past Deputy-Director, The Interfaith Centre of Melbourne
2018 Winner, United Nations World Interfaith Harmony Prize

Buying the Farm

Posted on 07 December 2017

So we bought a Farm on 77 acres, up near Tallarook, Victoria, and we're moving in just before Christmas, 2017.
The house is architect-designed, engineer-built, rammed-earth, worthy of Grand Designs The native garden and extensive productive orchard are worthy of Gardening Australia.
Nick will be powering-down after 30 years as a teacher of World Religions Education to sceptical...

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